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Today I used the DDC in two different operating systems, a Windows 7 desktop computer and a Windows 2003 Server. Both machines had together three dynamic partitions for some unknown reasons. So we had to convert to a simple basic NTFS partition. This tool took about three seconds and a reboot for each partition to finish the job. Great time saving tool and very easy to use. The Dynamic Disk Converter did what you promised he would do!
Kind regards,
Dolf Rutters in Datamex Automatisering on 09-OCT-2009
Hi receiver
I just buy Dynamic Disk Converter Professional which is a remarkable product, it solves my problem encountered in blue screen of death. My XP system on the dynamic disk, a blue screen at startup, thus I want to revert the disk into basic disk. Fortunately, now the system is running smoothly.
Thanks again,
Kej Schaer
Hey guys
I recently purchased a copy of Dynamic Disk Converter and I just wanted to say that it has been an absolute God send. We are currently performing disk alignments on all our pre-Server 2008 Windows based VMs. Many of these have dynamic disks, which is not compatible with any of the virtual disk alignment tools. I had previously been migrating all the data off the drives using robocopy, which was very time consuming. Dynamic Disk Converter has quite literally saved us hundreds of man hours. Single partition disks now take seconds to change regardless of data size. Spanned and mirrored volumes are completing in less than 20% of the time it was taking to use robocopy. I can’t recommend your product highly enough. Great work and thank you once again.
Dylan Thompson | Challenger Financial Services Group on SEP-2010

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