How to Remove Drive from Software RAID 5 in Windows Server without Data Loss?

This article applies to all editions of Windows Server 2000, 2003, 2008, 2011, 2012, such as Windows 2000 Advanced Server, Windows Server 2003 R2, Windows Small Business Server 2008.

Case study – remove drive from software RAID-5

Question: I have a Dell Server running Server 2008 R2. The Server has four 250GB dynamic disks configured as RAID-5 array. Now I want to shrink RAID-5 volume by removing one drive from RAID-5. Can I achieve it without data loss?

Solution1: First backup all data on RAID 5 array. Open Windows 2008 Disk Management snap-in, then right click on RAID 5 volume and select "Delete Volume". Configure RAID 5 array with three hard drives and restore the data to new created RAID 5 array.

Solution2: Safely and easily remove drive from RAID 5 with AOMEI Dynamic Disk Manager Server Edition. (Recommended)

Summary: The Solution2 can directly shrink RAID 5 volume without data loss. But the Solution1 needs to reconfigure RAID 5 array.

AOMEI Dynamic Disk Manager helps you remove drive from RAID 5 without data loss

Step1: Run AOMEI Dynamic Disk Manager Server and click "Remove Drive from RAID".

In the pop-up window, follow the wizard and select the RAID 5 volume you would like to shrink. Then, click "Next".

Step2: Tick the disk from which you want to remove drive. Then, click "Finish".

Step3: Click "Commit".

Benefits of AOMEI Dynamic Disk Manager

Feature-rich dynamic disk management software

Apart from RAID 5 drive removal, you can also resize dynamic disk, shrink/extend volume, move volume slice, add drive to RAID 5 and convert dynamic disk to basic, etc.

Easy-to-use interface

Built on user-friendly layout and four step-by-step wizards, AOMEI Dynamic Disk Manager aims at making the complicated simple. Without the need to be an IT genius, you can manage your dynamic disk easily and safely.

Multiple solutions to meet different needs

For Enterprise users, AOMEI Dynamic Disk Manager Unlimited Edition allows unlimited usage within one company. Besides, AOMEI Dynamic Disk Manager Technician Edition is specially designed for IT service to provide charged technical services to your clients.

You can free download the demo version to test and have to try.

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