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How to Use AOMEI Dynamic Disk Converter?

What is AOMEI Dynamic Disk Converter?

AOMEI Dynamic Disk Converter is a dynamic disk conversion tool software, which main function is to convert disk from dynamic back to basic. Using Windows Disk Management snap-in can be able to complete the conversion from basic disk to dynamic disk, but it is one-way process and can not be reversed. If you want to convert back to basic disk, you need to delete all volumes on the dynamic disk.

When dynamic disk is in use, it could have caused some inconvenience to me. Such as, install an operating system on dynamic disk, this will lead to lose other partitions on the disk, because the installer of Windows XP can not recognize dynamic disk. About the disadvantage of dynamic disk, see also "What is the disadvantage of dynamic disk?"

AOMEI Dynamic Disk Converter can make up for the shortcoming of built-in Windows Disk Management. By using it can convert dynamic into basic disk with NO DATA LOSS, and meanwhile this conversion back does not affect your operating system bootable.

Simple Steps

Step 1: Pick a dynamic disk which you want to convert to basic disk.
Step 2: To data security, if any partitions will be lost during the conversion, you will be prompted by the software.
Step 3: Confirm that the selected disk which you wish to convert.
Step 4: Converting...
Step 5: Report of the conversion is complete, and need you restart the computer to take effect.

Converting dynamic disk back to basic disk in detail

1. Launch AOMEI Dynamic Disk Converter by using Administrator Privilege. It has a start screen, which could stay for a while if the dynamic disks on your system are too many. And then enter into the welcome page, here you click Next button to continue.

2. Then, select a operation which is to convert a dynamic disk back to basic disk (Method 1) below.

3. After Next, you select the dynamic disk which you want to convert to basic disk. And then click Next to check whether this conversion can be done successfully. The screenshot is as follows:

4. On the following screenshot, please tick the option "I have decided to execute this operation..." and click Proceed button to confirm this conversion to start. The converting could take a few seconds. After completing this conversion, you need to restart your computer to take effect.

OK, use AOMEI Dynamic Disk Converter to complete conversion from dynamic disk to basic so easy!

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Tips: After converting dynamic disk back to basic disk, you can manage your basic disk partition with AOMEI Partition Assistant:

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