Solution for Invalid Dynamic Disk

Reasons for dynamic disk invalid

As we all know, dynamic disk is so popular among many fields, no matter for Servers or personal computers, but it cannot be supported in the Windows Home Edition. With the assist of "Windows Disk Management", the users can easily convert basic disk to dynamic for experiencing the characteristics of dynamic disk. However, when the administrators use your dynamic disk, some problems may be puzzle for you. "Dynamic Invalid" may be the most complicated problem for you.

Here are three reasons for you:

  1. Reinstallation of operating system
    It has been a trend to use Microsoft Vista and Window 7, because users want to experience fresh things and some of them are fed up with the system of Windows XP or Windows 2000. Meanwhile, it is acknowledged by many people that Windows 7 Home Edition and Vista Edition do not support dynamic disks, so "Dynamic Invalid" is showing up in Windows built-in Disk Management Tool when the administrators update the system to Win7 Home Edition.
  2. Virus attack, hardware environment convert and Power off accidentally
    The first one is that when the virus attacks your computer, the LDM data structure in the dynamic disk may be damaged. Thus, the data cannot be recognized on your disk. Secondly, the hardware environment change will lead to the hard drive can't be accessed because each motherboard has its specific condition. As for the last one, when your system power off accidently in the case of doing some operation in the hard disk, the dynamic disk may be invalid in that some data must be instantly written into it.
  3. Some cost-effective second hand hard drive
    When you buy a second hand hard disk, formatting is an available way to reuse it. But, there is another problem, when you take your hard disk to another computer for some work, the data in your hard drive may not be accessed. Possibly, the hardware environment is change.

Solution for invalid dynamic disk

In order to solve all the problems above, the best way to access the data is struggled with administrators. AOMEI Dynamic Disk Convertor can help you solve this problem.

Here are the steps for you:

Step 1: Free download AOMEI Dynamic Disk Convertor.

Step 2: Start AOMEI Dynamic Disk Converter and skip the welcome page, the following window will be seen:

Please select "Method 1(Convert a dynamic disk to basic disk)" and then, click "Next".

Step 3: Choose the dynamic disk you want to convert, and select "Next".

Step 4: After finish all of there steps above, you will see the following picture.

If you want to continue, please select the option "I have decided to execute this operation…", and click "Proceed". It just takes 3~10 seconds to finish the process.

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