How to Repair an Invalid Dynamic Disk?

Since the popularity of Windows 7, I intend to install a Windows 7 operating system on my computer. Because I have installed an operating system of Windows XP on disk 1, so I intend to install Win7 on disk 2. However, after the installation, disk 2 becomes inaccessible. In Disk Management, it shows that "Disk 2 is INVALID" as you can see in the screenshot below. How can solve this problem?

Then I surf on the Internet, and now I know that the Win7 is a home edition, which is not supported by dynamic disk. Actually, all the Windows Home Editions can not work with dynamic disk, such as, XP, Vista, Win7 home. There are some methods to solve this problem, but the Disk Management can only delete the dynamic partition to convert it to basic, which will lead to a great data loss. Apart from this, there are two other ways.

Repair Invalid Dynamic Disk without data loss

AOMEI Dynamic Disk Converter Professional Edition can repair invalid dynamic disk by converting it back to basic with no data loss, even on the condition that the operating system is Windows 7 home edition.

Here come the detailed steps of repair invalid disk.

Step 1: download Dynamic Disk Converter, install and launch it. (The picture below is the screenshot of the main interface of the software.)

Step 2: After a welcome interface, then it is the two methods of conversion

  • Convert a dynamic disk to basic disk
  • Convert any dynamic volume to basic partition

Here, choose the first one, and click "Next".

Step 3: In the list, choose the dynamic disk that you want to convert back to basic, and click "Next".

Step 4: it is a confirm operation. If you confirm the operation, click the "Proceed" option. And it will prompt you to restart the computer to complete the conversion.

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Convert dynamic disk to basic windows 7, Convert simple volume to primary partition
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