Convert Dynamic Disk to Basic within Data Safe for Windows Server 2003

Existing Problem of Dynamic Disk in Windows Server 2003

With more and more Server Operating System produced by Microsoft, Windows Server 2003 is still be widely used by many administrators according to an IT survey. Due to the advantages of dynamic disk features while basic doesn't have, it is superior to Windows 2000 and server 2008.

Whether you manage the disk under the condition of Web Edition, Standard Edition, Enterprise Edition or SBS of Server 2003, what you have to understand is dynamic disk and basic disk, which are the fundamental knowledge for users. It is extremely convenient for customers to convert basic disk to dynamic, while it is troublesome to transform in turn. The only way is that they delete all partitions on dynamic disk in order to back to the previous one. When you feel it is a big headache, AOMEI Dynamic Disk Converter Server Edition can easily solve this problem for windows 2003.

Dynamic to Basic Disk Converter in Server 2003

Ii isn't an impossible thing for the user to convert dynamic disk to basic with the aid of AOMEI Dynamic Disk Converter Server Edition. Apart from this feature, it adds the property of making the invalid dynamic and unreadable dynamic disk back to basic disk. Both of them can ensure the data safe and reduce the download time for windows users at the same time. Just 3~10 seconds can fulfill this process.

Moreover, it becomes a reality that transforms to basic disk partition from a spanned volume, striped volumes, mirrored volume or RAID-5 volume of dynamic disk quickly. Therefore, AOMEI Dynamic Disk Converter Server Edition is a better choice for Windows Server 2003. As for Enterprise users, AOMEI Dynamic Disk Converter Unlimited Edition is preferred, for it minimizes the cost of management.

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