Free Convert Dynamic Disk to Basic with Windows Disk Manager

Advantages of dynamic disk and build-in disk manager

It is quickly and simply to partition hard disk in that it adds a built-in disk manager in Windows 7//XP/2000/Vista. It is a better disk management tool, for it combines the functions of Server 2003 and Server 2008. At the same time, it is free for personal users and server system administrators.

Within a convenient partition manager, which is also called Disk Management, in Windows 7/Vista/2008, create/delete/format partition can be simple and safe. Date back to the past, PC users are confined to the number of 4 primary partitions and 1 logical drive. Along with the dynamic disk showing up, an unrestricted number of simple volumes are workable. Many people can do the operation of creating simple and spanned volume to achieve software RAID. What's more, there is another added choice for Server 7/Vista/2008, because a built-in partition manager is included. Meanwhile, free convert dynamic disk to basic is an additional advantage for users.

Steps for converting basic disk to dynamic

Step 1: Log on Windows and click Start Menu. Select Run, and type "diskmgmt.msc" to open Windows built-in Disk Management.

Step 2: With in the area of Disk, if you want to do the conversion, please right click the basic disk and click "Convert to Dynamic Disk" option as follows:

Steps 3: According to the relevant prompts, please do the operation step by step.

Steps for converting dynamic to basic with disk manager

Step 1: Back up all your wanted volumes on the dynamic to basic disk.

Step 2: Open the Computer Management.

Steps 3: Click "Disk Management". (Computer Management →Storage→ Disk Management)

Step 4: Select the Dynamic column, right click the dynamic disk what you want to convert, and then click "Delete Volume" for each volume on the disk.

Step 5: Right click the disk after all volumes on the disk have been deleted, and then click "Convert to Basic Disk". The following will show you an example:

Note: Empty your dynamic disk you wanted before you convert it back to basic disk. Backup it and copy it to another partition is a practical way before you want to convert to a basic disk.

Convert dynamic disk to basic within data safe

It seems that the ways above is complicated because it is annoyed. AOMEI Dynamic Disk Converter can solve the problem of complex procedures, accomplishing the mutual process of dynamic to basic disk. It can convert a dynamic disk back to basic disk without loss of data safely. If you do not want to do these things step by step, it is a best choice for you.

Please see the following graph, choosing "Convert a dynamic disk back to basic disk":

This is a kind of magical software for you, for it leaves out the complicated procedures. Method 1 ensures all data safely will safely with the circumstance of converting a dynamic disk to basic and it is a timesaver for all administrators; while method 2 can satisfy the high efficiency when copy any dynamic volume to basic partition sector by sector.

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