Solve the Situation of Converting Basic Disk to Dynamic Accidentally

Situation of converting basic disk to dynamic by accident

Some knowledge about computer is needed when you use your PC and the portion of basic disk and dynamic disk are very important for users to know in that the disk is the main component of computer. One day, you may convert basic disk to dynamic accidentally, but after a few days, you will find it is very annoyed to use the dynamic disk. Therefore, you have a strong desire for converting the disk back to basic. However, the way to do the conversion seems to make administrator sick and it cannot ensure whether the data is safe or not.

The traditional way to solve the problem is that the user must delete all volumes of dynamic disk in order to change it back to basic. But another problem to puzzle users is that the all data of each volume will be lost. Meanwhile, the system volume, which is deployed in the operating system, cannot be deleted wholly. The only to do is that you must boot system from a CD/DVD or other disks, in other words, it means the users must spend a lot of time on deleting the volumes. What a troublesome procedure it is!

Best way to convert dynamic disk back to basic

The conventional way may seem too many procedures to do, but there is another way to help you to solve the problem. Professional AOMEI Dynamic Disk Converter can assist you to reach your goals directly and quickly with data safe. It is also the best choice to solve the problem of the invalid and unreadable dynamic disk, especially the conversion issues, and it is extremely popular among computer users.

Here are the steps for you:

Step 1: Download AOMEI Dynamic Disk Converter.

Step 2: Start AOMEI Dynamic Disk Converter and skip the welcome page, the following window will be seen:

Please select "Method 1(Convert a dynamic disk to basic disk)" and then, click "Next".

Step 3: You will see a list of dynamic disk on your window. Please choose and click the dynamic disk which you want to change and select "Next".

Step 4:After finish all of there steps above, you will see the following picture. It is a reminder for you to make sure if the conversion needs to be going on.

If you want to continue, please select the option "I have decided to execute this operation…", and click "Proceed". It just takes 3~10 seconds to start the process. After that, restarting your computer is needed.

Tips: It is easy and safe to do the operation. The most important is that AOMEI Dynamic Disk Converter ensures reverting to basic disk without losing data. At the same time, it also provides the function of cloning dynamic volume to basic disk.

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