Directly Change Dynamic Disk to Basic Disk without Data Lose

Some knowledge of dynamic disk and basic disk

It is widely known by people that basic disk and dynamic disk are two typical types of hard drive. They have been extensively applied to Windows. Many people are fond of basic disk because it is simple to use, while advanced users and IT administrators prefer using dynamic disk due to they can manage the data on multiple hard disks within one computer. Basic disks can organize data by means of primary partitions, extended partitions and logical drives. The disadvantage of basic disk is that it cannot extend the volume of one partition to another disk. Therefore, some users prefer to choose the dynamic disk to rebuild a partition, which makes use of the space on many disks.

Change between dynamic disk and basic disk

In the operating system of Windows 7/2000/XP/Vista and Server 2003/2008 (32bit and 64bit), it's a piece of cake to achieve the process of changing basic disk to dynamic by making use of Windows Disk Manager (diskmgmt.msc) or diskpart.exe tool. Nevertheless, it seems uneasy to change dynamic to basic disk. To get through this conversion, a dynamic disk must ensure that it is empty with no volumes. Therefore, the best way to back to basic disk has become a problem for administrators.

AOMEI's converter for you

As for the conversion, the only way to do is that the users must delete all the volumes to achieve the change. Dynamic Disk Converter can help you realize your task directly and safely and it just takes you a few seconds.

Here are the steps for changing dynamic to basic disk:

Step 1: Download AOMEI Dynamic Disk Convertor and open it.

Step 2: Skip a welcome screen page, and the main interface will show up. Select "Method 1 (Convert a dynamic disk back to basic disk)" and click "Next" to continue.

Step 3: You will see a list of dynamic disk and select the dynamic disk you want to change. After that, please choose "Next" to go on. Look at the picture below:

Step 4: Having done all the procedures above, the program will remind you whether you decide to change dynamic to basic disk or not. Select "Proceed" and it just takes you 3~10 seconds to fulfill this conversion.

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