Case 1: Resize Volume (Shrink/Move/Extend Volume)

Disk size: 950GB
System Volume: C: drive 30GB
Simple Volume: D: drive 41.09GB
Simple Volume: E: drive 878.91GB

From figure 4, we can find the system volume (C: drive) is almost full (only 6.63GB free space remains), but the simple volume E: is empty. In such case, we can use AOMEI Dynamic Disk Manager to maximize disk space usage.

The Problem: How to extend system volume (C: drive)?
The Solution: Shrink simple volume E: to generate some unallocated space and move slice to make the unallocated locate behind system volume. Then we can extend system volume (C: drive) to contiguous unallocated space.

In order to solve the problem, we need to combine three above learned functions into the solution, including "Shrink Volume", "Move Slice" and "Resize/Move Volume".

Step1. Launch AOMEI Dynamic Disk Manager. Right-click simple volume E: and select "Shrink Volume".

Step2.In the pop-up window, drag the sliders of both sides to shrink volume. In addition, we can also specify the new size of the volume by typing. After that, click "OK".


After completing step2, we can find the generated unallocated space is behind simple volume D: but not C: drive. In order to extend C drive, there must be some contiguous unallocated space behind it. Then, "Move Slice" function becomes useful.

Step3: Right-click simple volume D: and select "Move Slice". In the pop-up window, position mouse pointer on D: drive and drag it rightwards. After clicking "OK", the unallocated space will locate behind system volume.

Step4: Right-click system volume (C: drive) and select "Resize/Move Volume". In the pop-up window, drag the right slider rightwards to merge unallocated space into system volume (refer to Figure 5).

Step5: Click "Commit" on the toolbar to apply all the changes. After rebooting, we can find the system volume (C: drive) has been extended from 30GB to 408.66GB and the E: drive has been shrunk from 878.91GB to 500.25GB. At the same time, all data is intact.

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